What is The iTero Simulator Scanner?

At Brace Connection, we are pleased to offer state of the art technology to our patients–the iTero Scanner Outcome Simulator. The Outcome Simulator in iTero Scanner creates a customized potential outcome that helps patients visualize the aesthetic, functional, and health benefits of straighter teeth with Invisalign. The Simulator is a computer application that allows our patients to view their own virtual Invisalign treatment plan. The Simulator’s unique dual view layout shows an image of your current dentition next to a simulated final position of how your teeth may look after Invisalign treatment.

Here’s how it works: We use the Itero digital scanner to take an 8-10 minute scan of your mouth. After the Itero scanner captures the digital, impression-free images of your teeth, within minutes it produces an accurate 3-D image right on our computer screen. The software then moves the teeth to an ideal position, and generates a new 3-D image displaying how your teeth will look when treatment is complete—giving you a visual representation of your future beautiful smile!

We are happy to offer the Outcome Simulator to any prospective patient! Call for your complimentary appointment at (562) 861-7259.